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Marianella Arocha-La Turula, Venezuelan illustrator, and Miami-based, has achieved remarkable success during 15 years of an artistic career. Proud mother of twins, who are their inspiration.

Marianella discovered her drawing skills by chance. At the beginning, she was self-taught, and it has been an exciting challenge to grow in this field. Her design is unique, developed in an imaginary kid environment

In 2005, Marianella started her studies of Drawing and Illustration in the Escuela de Historietas López y Allaco in Caracas, Venezuela. Later in 2016, completed the program of Digital Drawing and Illustration in the Factory Arte School in Bilbao, Spain. Thus, she was given a chance to participate in the Pattern Design all workshop in Bilbao Arte.

In 2008, motivated by her entrepreneurial spirit decided to embark on an ambitious and creative project; she launched her first line of calendars and agendas under the name of La Turula; creating religious, legendary, folk, traditional images, and celebrities bringing out their childlike features in a multi-colored stage.  Shortly after, added the notebooks, which are still actively being sold in Venezuela along with chocolate labels for the factory Chocolates El Rey. Additionally, Marianella collaborated in many private projects decorating with her illustrations and personalized designs kid’s rooms, private parties and highlighting some public spaces such as, the Perez de Leon Hospital – Pediatric Room; Sana Sonrisa – Pediatric Dental Clinic and other private’s projects.

In December 2016, during the opening of the annual Miami Art Week, Marianella participated in the collaborative exhibition called “Stripes and Icons” exhibiting her collective series of works “Playing with the Big Ones” printed in acrylic and wood.

In March 2017, three of her artwork was included in the Wynwood Juried Show-Winter - Edition 2017; recognized with the Award – 3rd Place Digital Art.

Share my vision and inspiration is a pleasure. Create my illustrations with a unique style, fusion of ingenuity and joy in each piece. I would like to invite you to know My Little World; you will find funny scenes Around the World, following with I am La Turula, the Little Saints, and closing with my particular series Playing with the Big Ones. 

Marianella Arocha, La Turula.